Explore and RE-Live one of the most famous 

cattle trails in history!

The Chisholm Trail

Keeping the Trail Alive Through  Education and Imagination!

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Along the Trail... a Time Remembered

Saddle up and see what life was like on the Chisholm Trail in Along the Trail, a Western historical photo journal from  the Prairie Paparazzi in Oklahoma. This historical photo journal will open a  piece of Western history that is over 100 years old and display it right before your eyes. 

The Jesse Chisholm Scholarship Foundation is a NON-PROFIT organization and is the one and only of it's kind. The JCSFwill allow us to past on our traditions and history down to our kids and grand kids. 

We’ve all heard the old proverb ... "if at first you don't succeed try try again ..." How many of US have tried to do a project and what we thought would be a piece of cake becomes building the bakery from ground up before we could even enjoy licking the bowl.

Since the 2007 Cattle drive that came through Oklahoma D.L. Clifton has had a dream to find a way to keep this trail ALIVE with the history and stories of what went on during those years. Since most of us were not born 'back then' we all find ways to keep the memory of those days in our minds. The photos you will see on this website have been put into a beautiful coffee table book that you will want to share with everyone. It will have not only photos but stories, poems and even 'sayin's' of cowboys and folks  Along the Trail during the cattle drive. This is just one way that the foundation supports the scholarships that we give out to the students that have committed themselves to the continuing the western lifestyle and agricultural know how that mostly was handed down to them.  

Visit our On line Store to  RESERVE and /or order your First Edition signed copy of Along the Trail. Because of the LIMITED QUANTITIES  of the 'signed copies' , we are giving Paid in Full customers first choice in signed copies. RESERVE NOW your copy now! NO payment necessary to RESERVE your copy or copies for that special gift!  Paid in full get first choice of signed copies. Reserved take chance of signed books left after the first 150.

This photo book shows what life was like when cowboys went on the Great Chisholm Trail  before the cities bloomed like sickly flowers of plastic, concrete, and steel. The last living relative of Jesse Chisholm has allow us to take all this educational and historical information and added some of his own personal photographs of his Great Great Grandfather Jesse Chisholm and put them with the stories that are not even in the history books today. Proceeds from this book and the paintings that came from these photos go 100%  toward scholarships for agricultural/farming/western lifestyle education.

Our paintings have been carefully chosen to represent the Trail and have been painted and carefully mounted to make a beautiful display of the wonderment of the trail and all it's history. It will be an addition to ANY home or office.!

Riding the Trail - Western History in Minco, OK

Were You There When the
Cattle Came Through Your Town?

Terrell, Rush Springs, Marlow, Duncan, Chickasha, Pocasset, Amber, Minco, Tuttle, El Reno, Fort Reno, Okarche, Kingfisher, Hennessey, Dover, Waurika,
Waukomis, Medford, Pond Creek? Or were you there at the END of the Trail in Caldwell Kansas.

WE have over 3000 photos from this historical recreation of the Chisholm Trail and all you have to do is remember where YOU were when the 'cows came to your home town'? 

Just tell us where you think you might have been when  those cows came to town and YOU were THERE! Email us, tell us what town you are from or NEAR and why kind of photos you are looking for.
Cattle driving, roads, people to people, water stops, campsites or just various cool shots. Remember you can order the book already loaded with photos of the whole cattle drive...we would love to send you a copy for a small donation to the Jesse Chisholm Scholarship Foundation!

Happy Trails!

Cattleman - Western History in Minco, OK

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The Inspiration for the Photo Book

When you are raised in one of the nations largest cities with an uncle that had a passion to 'capture the moment', You can't help picking up ideas of what you want to do when you grow up. In D.L.'s case it was a camera. After getting her Bachelors degree, finding her country boy, then moving to a small Oklahoma town, D.L.,whom her friends and family call 'Levi', has used her 20 plus years of living in the country as inspiration to 'shoot things'. 

As the daughter of an immigrant and restaurant entrepreneur, this 'natural'  photographer, wife, mother and grandmother, D. L. Clifton always had a serious interest in history and especially the trail of the Cowboy/Western history. The day she heard a cattle drive was coming into town was the day photography became more than a hobby. As she stalked these longhorns moving along the old Chisholm trail, it was 3 days of living in her SUV , and wearing the same smelly socks, before several folks on the drive and along the drive started to request copies of the many, many photos she took. It was then she was invited to 'ride' along and take picture as their 'official' OCCTCDA photographer and she did so with great honor. Running up a hill early before daylight to catch the right light or 'gracefully tripping' down a slope to get the cow behind the historical marker, D.L. captured allot of the moments that we hope you will take you back to a time that made our cattle industry what it is today.

The Jesse Chisholm Scholarship Foundation was thought of when she watched her own children going to school and needing funds to do so. With out the scholarships they could not have been able to attend college. That's where the idea of the JCSF was founded. She saw the need for our farms and ranches to be held on to as well as the family members that needed to keep educated and up on the new technology to run them. Education is another passion she is fond of. Being a college graduate herself and from an Oklahoma college she knows first hand how important scholarships are to get through school! So won't you help fund the JCSF to give those kids even more opportunity to continue the family heritage and lifestyle they grew up in. "Self publishing a book is hard" she says," but it will all be worth the time when we give that first scholarship away!....and use it to fulfill dreams of future cattlemen, ranchers and farmers of AMERICA! 

Keeping the Trail Alive through Education and Imagination!

Contact us at (866) 606-1960 in Minco, Oklahoma, to learn more about our Western history photo book.

See a Documentary of the Entire Trail Drive with songs by R.W. Hampton
Available for purchase through the Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive Association